Elections & Nominations

During the Annual Business Meeting on Wednesday, April 25th, two board positions will be on the  agenda for election:  Vice President, elected to a two-year term and Member-at-Large, elected to a two-year term.  Following are the Nominations received by March 30, 2018.  As a reminder, nominations may be made at any time prior to the Annual Business Meeting and on the floor of the Business Meeting; however, those received after the deadline will not be publicized.

Nominee for Vice President:  Alison Hollo, Diocese of Connecticut

Nominated by Province I Peers

Alison Hollo serves as the Senior Administrator for the Office of the Episcopate for Bishop Ian Douglas at the Episcopal Church in Connecticut. Alison’s outstanding administrative skills, along with her wealth of knowledge and leadership abilities, make her an excellent candidate for the B+E+S+T Vice President position. Alison works extremely well with people and is passionate about her work. She takes her responsibilities seriously and is exceptional at her position, always keeping other people in mind. Alison has excellent communication skills and keeps information confidential. Alison has an attention for detail, she is conscientious, reliable, compassionate, a team player, an attentive listener, is pleasant to work with, always helpful and caring, and truly enjoys people.

As the group from Province I, we rely on Alison’s expertise for help in our own dioceses and she has never let us down. When members of B+E+S+T send emails looking for assistance, Alison has always provided information / advice.

Alison greatly appreciates the members of B+E+S+T and truly values their expertise.  As Vice President, Alison would partner with the rest of the Board members to do whatever is needed. She is able to step-up when necessary to fill in during any absence of the B+E+S+T President. Alison is patient and understanding and would provide pastoral support to all B+E+S+T members when needed.

Nomination for Member-at-Large:  Holly Davis, Diocese of Western Louisiana

Nominated by Judy Hall, Diocese of Alabama

Holly is a very bright and wise young lady.  She is very personable with people and always willing to help.  Not only does she have knowledge of technology more than ever, but I believe it takes someone of great character who loves people to do the job well.


*Terms will begin at the conclusion of the conference, and those elected are asked to be available Saturday morning, April 28th, for a brief board meeting.